Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Twin Peaks

Mount Shasta consists of two peaks, the lower one being called "Shastina." The unsymmetrical twin peak feature allows Mount Shasta to look different from all sides. Mount Shasta is said to represent both the female and male energies that exist in all beings including humans.

This painting is on the wall of our dining room where breakfast is served. This represents the duality of female-male energies that exists in all beings including ourselves and also the mountain. The left mountain is Shastina, represented by the moon, male figure and snow. The right mountain is Shasta, represented by the sun, female figure and lightening bolts.

From a vista Point off I-5.

In general, female energies are said to be the Ying of all things, the colder and darker side, whereas male energies typically represent the Yang, the hotter and brighter side. But in Shasta, and probably in all beings, no single being is either Ying or Yang. They're both.

The most frequently viewed side with the two peaks.

Interestingly, Shastina sits on the northern slope of Mount Shasta, but is not the colder side. In the summer, you will notice the snow melts quicker on Shastina than on Shasta, which sits on the south side. McCloud is located in the southern region of this area, and locals consider it the cold and snowy town. Indeed we get heavy snow fall compared to the northern towns, but we also enjoy the quiet atmosphere with very few traffic in town.

From McCloud.

Some people say that the energy of Mount Shasta "centers" the two energies, and others say that it swings you to either side. We've seen quiet and reserved people become hyper, or active people become even more active and vice versa. Children seem to react to this energy the fastest. But eventually, the energy of Mount Shasta flows through you, and words are lost.
From the northern slopes.

This experience is unique to everyone, but people seem to be able to tap into their deep conscious with the help of this vortex energy, and words just become limitations to this wonderful experience. McCloud is a quiet town with very few traffic and noise. Along with the deep Mother Nature protected inside the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, it continues to be one of the popular places for retreats and workshops.

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