Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mossbrea Falls

One of the most popular water falls visited in Mount Shasta is the Mossbrea Falls. It's famous for the curtain-like water fall that elegantly flows off the slopes next to the rail road.

The road to the falls is a bumpy trail. It's about a half an hour hike on the rocks laid along the train tracks where scenes from the movie "Stand By Me" were filmed. Watch out for the train that comes multiple times a day. They're not super fast, but they don't stop for you. Once you hear the train (yes, you can hear them), be sure to step away from the tracks right away.

The rail road tracks don't have much shade, so make sure to wear enough sun screen and clothes. Once you walk down the path that leads to the water falls, you'll notice the temperature drop right away. The breeze from the water is very refreshing after the 30 minute hike. This water fall is medium height, but very wide because the entire face of the slope is covered in water.

People kayak down this river during the spring when the water level is high. In the summer, the stream slows down and becomes shallow enough to get your feet wet. The sprinkles carried by the breeze makes it seems as if you're taking a big natural shower in the woods. Choose a rock around the falls, and sit on it for a while to enjoy this natural beauty. The Mossbrea Falls is accessible throughout the year.

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