Wednesday, June 23, 2010

McCloud Falls

The McCloud River turns into three beautiful water falls; Lower, Middle and Upper. This site becomes inaccessible by car during  the winter due to heavy snow fall. Many people still reach the falls by cross-country skies and enjoy winter fishing. Fowler's Campground, which is located in between the lower and middle falls, is also a popular camp site.

Lower Falls
~ a popular fishing site with a picnic area

Middle Falls
~ most popular site to spend a little quiet time to yourself

Upper Falls
~ requires a bit of hiking

The hike to Middle Falls is an easy hike suitable for all ages. The most popular route seems to start from Lower Falls to Middle Falls and back. All three falls can be accessed by car with a short walk from the parking lot. Upper Falls is typically overlooked from above, but there is a path that leads to the waters.

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